TEASA May 2020 Prayer Newsletter


Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday


        1 Pray for all workers around the world as they celebrate Workers Day – particularly workers from vulnerable sectors 2 Pray for organizations like SCO and Every Nations that are working to evangelize and disciple tertiary students 3 Pray for our Church leaders as they lead our churches responses to the pandemic


4 Pray for TEASA NEC as it give leadership to the organization 5 Pray for TEASA Commission Leaders as they guide our work in different areas 6 Pray for TEASA plans to establish its own disaster relief fund 7 Pray for wisdom for President  Ramaphosa, VP Mabuza & Cabinet as they lead our country 8 Pray for a speedy discovery of Covid19 vaccine 9 Pray for the successful opening of both public and private universities next month 10 Pray for good working relationship amongst church leaders during this times


11 Pray for good health, wisdom and strength for TEASA Chair Rev Esme Bowers 12 Pray for the planned discipleship survey as it is rolled out this week 13 Pray for TEASA efforts raise funds to grow and sustain its ministry 14 Pray for the revival of our country’s economy 15 Pray against the rise in transmissions in our country 16 Pray for the leadership of our public universities during this difficult times 17 Pray for congregations and local Pastors negatively affected by the lockdown


18 Pray for good health, wisdom and strength for TEASA GS Rev Moss Ntlha as he seeks to operationalize the organizational decisions 19 Pray for Rev Ntlha and Prof Sehoole as the compile the results of churches online platforms survey 20 Pray for the different TEASA Task Teams – Palestinian Solidarity, Health, Education and Economic Justice 21 Pray for the country’s the successful implementation of the  country’s  social responses through social grants and food parcels 22 Pray for successful opening of both independent and public schools – for school management, parents, teachers and learners 23 Pray for peace and justice in Israel and Palestine, and also for the work of our Palestinian Solidarity Task Team 24 Pray for the generosity to thrive amongst Christians towards the ministry of their churches


25 Pray for member denominational leaders as they provide leaders during this uncertain times 26 Pray for the planned Global Outreach Day campaign 27 Pray for the work of TEASA Theology Commission 28 Pray for the safety and protection of our heath-workers who are the fore front of our fight against the pandemic 29 Pray for provision for needed infrastructure for social distancing in public schools that will allow them to open 30 Pray for the justice cause of West Papuan people and their churches 31 Pray for local churches and Pastors to embrace the new online platforms for doing ministry