Evangelism and Church Planting Commission

Church Planting Alliance


  1. Purpose: The TEASA evangelism and Church Planting Commission exists to strengthen the Great Commission commitment of the Church. It is a member of and works with the Church Planting Alliance to encourage and facilitate the multiplication of healthy churches throughout Southern Africa and beyond.
  2. Strategy
  • Mobilise the Body of Christ in a determined effort to complete the Great Commission.
  • Network leaders in strategic partnerships for church planting.
  • Facilitate saturation church planting projects at national, provincial and city levels.
  • Research the harvest force / field in our nation.
  • Encourage united prayer for community transformation.
  • Provide an effective platform for training and mobilisation through an annual national conference and ongoing regional consultations.
  • Offer training resources on church planting, leadership, church development and intercession.
  1. Contact

 Karl Teichert, National Coordinator

Private Bag, X04, Suite 114

Fontainebleau, 2032

Cell: +27-72-477-2950

Phone: +27-11-794-8001

Fax: +27-11-794-8002

Email: karlteichert@oci.org

Web-site: www.cpa-sa.org


Missions Commission

World Evangelization Network of South Africa


  1. Purpose: The whole South African church take the whole gospel to the whole world”
  1. Strategy


  • Keeping the focus on the GREAT COMMISSION and communicating this focus
  • Creating AWARENESS of national and global trends which influence the mission endeavor
  • Providing DIRECTION in identifying gaps and opportunities to strengthen the missions movement towards the vision
    • To ENGAGE in:-
  • Building RELATIONSHIPS that will grow into productive PARTNERSHIPS
  • Linking partners to enable greater COLLABORATION towards the common vision
  • CONVERSATIONS through focused groups around relevant themes and topics
  • Facilitating SERVICES essential to promoting the movement

To LEARN through

  • Cultivating a LEARNING COMMUNITY
  • Creating ACCESS TO RESOURCES to develop and stimulate a missional mindset
  • SHARING ideas and innovations
  1. Leaders
  • Derick Slabbert – National Facilitator
  • Rev Richard Verrynne
  • Rev Karl Teichert
  • Joy Chetty
  • Kevin Pippert
  • Rev Peter Vumisa
  • Rev Moss Ntlha
  • Nicole Ravelo-Hoerson
  • Rev Willie Botha
  • Rev Paul Maphophe
  1. Contact

 National Facilitator – Derick Slabbert

Email: info@wensa.org.za

Mobile: 082 857 1084



Theology Commission

  1. Purpose: To promote good and solid biblical theological reflection on critical issues of faith, public life and societal issues. Evangelicals have a definite and distinct contribution to make in this regard.
  2. Past and Future Projects
  3. Colloquiums: Theological colloquia exploring important and relevant issues to the life and witness of the evangelical movement. Evangelical scholars come together for fellowship and reflections, with a view to publish for the benefit of the wider church community. Previous colloquia have addressed
  • “Evangelicalism and the Reformation – the present and future role of Evangelical Theology in South Africa”. 2018.
  • “Evangelicals and the challenge of Decolonization”. Conversations about decolonization have been widespread and intense during the past couple of years. It is happening in many sectors of society and in many fields of study and research – also in the churches and in theology. 2020

Future Colloquium Themes:

  • Evangelicals, democracy and Public Witness
  • Evangelicalism and Discipleship
  • Evangelicals and Church Unity
  • Leadership and Training in Evangelical Churches; Evangelical Identity
  • Evangelicals and the Poor
  • Evangelical, Minorities and the Marginalized
  • What can we learn from one another about the work of the Holy Spirit

Churches and COVID19 Response: The Commission worked with the Health Commission to put together ‘Guidelines for Churches on the COVID19 Pandemic’.

Churches and GBV & F scourge: Commission works with the TEASA GBV & F Task Team to develop a theological response about the scourge of GBV & F

Global connections: The Theological commission liaises with the World Evangelical Alliance Theological Commission as well as the Africa Evangelical Alliance Theological Commission.


  • Dr Coenie Burger: Convenor, Stellenbosch University
  • Rev Dr Mzondi Modisa, South African Theological Seminary
  • Rev Dr Agrippa Khathide, Auckland Park Theological Seminary
  • Prof Victor Molobi, UNISA
  • Contact: Dr Modisa Mzondi. Email:btbkl@yahoo.com


Marketplace Commission


To support and disciple evangelical Leaders and managers to integrate faith, work and business life.


  • To mobilize evangelical marketplace leaders and managers into a supportive network.
  • To advocate for ethical leadership & transformation in the marketplace and in the conduct of business.
  • To contribute towards the development of thought on the integration and relationship between faith, work and business life.

Current Activities

  • Prayer Fellowships: to celebrate and support of Christian leaders and managers who promoted and elevated to critical /senior positions in the marketplace.
  • Thought sessions: regular thought leadership sessions to contribute towards the development of thought on faith, work and business life.


  • Mr Phila Sithole (Co-convenor): +27 82 510 7594 and
  • Mr Fana Marutla (Co-convenor): +27 83 294 2576 and fana.marutla@gmail.com