TEASA  provides a voice to its 4 million members in matters of interest to the faith and the integrity of the gospel.

2. Connecting

The Christian Church is one, and must always seek the unity of the faith in a bond of peace. For this reason TEASA seeks to provide a platform for unity and mission collaboration among its member churches. Beyond that we also have associate membership with the South African Council of Churches.

TEASA has also helped to set the South African Christian Leadership Initiative (SACLI) through which Christian leaders work together to provide timely and relevant interventions in national affairs.

3. Capacity building through Commissions

3.1 Church Planting and Evangelism Commission.

Led by Rev Karl Teichert, the evangelism commission envisions and equips churches for saturation church planting. Working through the Church planting alliance , the TEASA missions commission seeks to mobilize the Church toward planting a healthy church in every community in Southern Africa.

3.2 Mission Commission.

The focus of the Mission Commission is to provide a platform for Mission collaboration through a network of mission networks. This finds expression through the World Evangelisation Network of South Africa 

3.3 Theological Commission.

The work of the theological Commission is to provide theological reflection on issues of importance affecting the church and society. This is in order to enable the evangelical movement to provide an inspired biblical, contextual and relevant  witness in South Africa. The Commission is currently coordinated by Dr Coenie Burger.

3.4. Women’s Commission

The Church in South Africa is majority women, but is often marked by structures, beliefs, and norms that hinder the potential of women to make vital contributions in the mission of the Church. The Commission works to empower women to make their much needed contribution in the life and witness of the church. The Commission is currently led by TEASA Chair Mrs Esme Bowers.

3.5.  Disciple Making Movement 



You are invited to a journey that will help the church regain its movement ethos – where being a disciple and making disciples is the normal culture of the church.
              We Journey Together 


In a committed, loving relationship where disciples of Jesus journey together to intentionally grow into Christlikeness.

  • To see social transformation & change driven by Christian values, ethics and clean living.
  • To establish/create an Intergenerational Disciple Making Movement in South Africa.
  • To experience churches that are able to respond to community/national needs and demands while upholding the commands of and in obedience to our Lord Jesus Christ.

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