TEASA represents a vibrant and growing evangelical movement in South Africa that…

  • Embraces millions of believers who, though diverse, yet stand as one in the saving essentials of Christian belief.
  • Seeks to bear witness to biblical integrity in faith and practice.
  • Consistently endeavors to be prophetic in changing and challenging times.
  • Impacts the world with the gospel at local, national and international level.
  • Shuns fragmentation and forges institutional alliances and partnerships that build on evangelical gains and strengths.
  • Unlocks the dynamism and power of the local church as a redemptive presence in the community.

Some highlights in the history of TEASA

  • 1974 | The predecessor to TEASA, named Evangelical Fellowship of South Africa was formed, to unite evangelicals.
  • 1986 | Black evangelicals separate from white evangelicals  to form Concerned Evangelicals.
  • 1994 | South Africa holds its first multi racial, democratic elections laying the ground for normalising race relations in South Africa.
  • 1995 | Black and white evangelical church leaders establish TEASA.
  • 1997 | TEASA makes a submission to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission.
  • 2005 | TEASA hosts a regional conference on HIV and Aids for evangelical alliances in the SADC region.
  • 2008 | TEASA launches Micah South Africa, for effective advocacy on the millennium development goals.
  • 2010 |  TEASA co- hosts conference of Lausanne Congress on World Evangelisation in Cape Town.
  • 2013 | Collaborates with the South African Council of Churches, African Enterprise and others to set up SACLI: the South African Leadership Initiative.
  • 2016 |  Forged alliances with others to confront State Capture.
  • 2018 |  With others, launched the Decade of Evangelism

TEASA Constitution of the Evangelical  Alliance of South Africa