Join The War Against Covid-19

The Corona virus has become part of our nation’s daily news. This underlines the fact that as a nation we are at war, and must daily monitor the balance of power between the people and the virus. TEASA commends what is known to be best practice in our national strategic response ( See  TEASA on Covid-19 statement )

Further, we invite the TEASA community to sign up for a 21 days of prayer from the 22nd March to the Easter weekend.  ( see Prayer guidelines

TEASA on National Lockdown

In an effort to limit and slowdown the transmission of Covid-19, yesterday, government announced a 21 day national lockdown. South Africans are instructed to stay at home Top of Form Thursday, 26 March up to Thursday, 16 April 2020. This means that there will be no church services of any size and this order replaces the previous one allowing gatherings of up to 100. All nonessential travel suspended during this time.


The Evangelical Alliance of South Africa aims to provide a fellowship through which evangelical Christians in South Africa can work together in mission and evangelism, speaking when necessary with one voice on public issues.