TEASA statement on Churches Tax and Citizenship compliance

The Evangelical Alliance of SA (TEASA) welcomes the statement by the Acting SARS Commissioner Mr Mark Kingon, that they will be looking into the tax compliance of churches. We further note the statement by the Minister of Home Affairs Dr Siyabonga Cwele that they will be looking into the permanent residency of pastors of foreign origin.

TEASA as the umbrella body of evangelical churches and para-churches in South Africa, fully supports tax compliance by member churches and para-church organizations. We wish to call on all of our member churches, as well as all churches that are not compliant, to come forward and address their tax compliance issues with SARS. Churches as organizations that preach moral and ethical values should lead by example and uphold the country’s legitimate and just laws.  

TEASA is further appalled and saddened by the rising incidences of abuse of the faith community for financial gain. The reported incidences of abuse of religion are completely against the values and teachings that all Christ followers uphold and seek to promote. We further wish to dissociate ourselves from such churches and pastors, and wish to reiterate that these dubious practices are against historic Christian Teachings.

TEASA further wishes to indicate that there are many legitimate pastors and evangelical organizations that are legitimate, honest and fully in compliance with the country’s immigration, citizenship and labour laws.

We wish to call on the Department of Home Affairs to investigate and act upon those who have dodgy residency statuses and are not in compliance with the relevant laws.

We further wish to state that we will be seeking meetings with the Acting SARS Commissioner, Ministers of Social Development, Home Affairs and Labour to proactively seek their assistance to helping our member churches to comply with tax, immigration, NPO and labour laws.


Rev Moss Ntlha

General Secretary

Mobile: 082 809 8533

Email: moss@teasa.org.za

Twitter: https://twitter.com/TEASA5

Facebook: http://teasa.org/facebook/

 Web: www.teasa.org

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