Democracy is Everyone’s Choice

Tomorrow, 29 May 2024, marks the 7th national democratic elections of our 30 year old democratic Republic.

This is a monumental achievement of which all South Africans, and indeed all Africans and the world, who helped to end apartheid, should be proud.

TEASA congratulates all political parties and independent candidates who will be voting in the elections, as well as the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) for planning and coordinating this mobilization of the machinery of our democratic process, through which South Africans exercise their right to self-determination.

The IEC has achieved this, while also managing to implement the reforms to the voting process which, this year, sees South Africans casting three ballots, for the first time. See this accompanying video:


TEASA prays for a peaceful election, and that all South Africans who are eligible to vote will do so, showing an appreciation for the hard-won right and privilege to freely and openly determine who governs their state.

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