Evangelical and Religious Leaders in Opposition to Transgenderism in Early Childhood Development


TEASA joins Evangelicals and other religious leaders in condemning the imposition of Transgenderism on our children, through the Department of Education’s Early Childhood Development Curriculum.

“The ECE Toolkit aims to train pre-primary and primary educators to promote transgender ideology and gender diversity among children aged 0 to 9 years.
Opposition to the ECE Toolkit has been significant, with a coalition of religious, spiritual, cultural, educational, and traditional associations, representing over 20 million members, expressing deep concerns.”

To read more, please use this link: Opposition to Transgender Ideology in Early Childhood Development Curriculum

To watch TEASA’s webinar discussing the need for Christians and other religious people to be part of School Governing Bodies, please use this link: TEASA Webinar on Education Laws and Paternal Rights – The Evangelical Alliance of South Africa

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