TEASA Webinar on Education Laws and Paternal Rights

On 6 March 2024, TEASA held a webinar wherein TEASA’s head of Legal Advocacy Ms Nobukhosi Zulu spoke with Religious Rights Lawyer Liesl Pretorius.

The discussion centered on the importance of South African parents participating in the election of School Governing Bodies, to ensure that schools uphold the rights of parents to be involved in deciding the nature of the content being taught to their children.

In these days of moral relativism, it is vital for Christian parents, especially, to hold the Department of Education and school administrators to account in ensuring that their right to freedom of religion and freedom of conscience is respected.

To watch a recording of this informative webinar, please use the following link and passcode: https://us06web.zoom.us/rec/share/XXeoiAnrOcPG9KvedjrEw8PzqQN4yX87PNSZT47Z74bFbAJ75eUAguinGZNrAhNc.ACmonRolMpqiG46i?startTime=1709740940000

Passcode: ?Wv7+BF#

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