The World Needs a Father – Cassie Casterns

Cassie Carstens is a pioneering disciple-maker and founder of movements and ministries with worldwide impact. Although he has invested countless hours into ministry at all levels, his deepest desire is to see Heaven come to earth through fathers who love and lead their families, as God intended. To that end, he founded the World Needs a Father movement in 2011, with the primary goal of restoring fathers to their God given roles as servant leaders of their families. The movement has spread to 85 countries across six continents, impacting hundreds of thousands of families, worldwide.

The World Needs a Father movement helps churches deal with questions such as

“If the church cannot change the home, the church will never change society.”

“We do not have many Christian homes. What we have is ‘secular homes where Christians live’.”

“If God is the God of the Fatherless, why do his children not focus on that in a country where more than 60% are fatherless?”

“If discipleship should start at home, why do we not equip disciples on how to have Heaven at home?”

“Is there an alternative culture to create at home to counter the dominant culture of the media in the lives of our children?”

 How will this help the local church?

  • TWNAF Train the Trainer programme empowers churches to train all fathers in your church.
  • The church will have a new ‘Heaven at home’ culture.
  • Your members will have a Kingdom DNA with Kingdom language.
  • Discipleship will start at home!
  • It may increase your membership, because the main factor globally for church attendance is the practical relevancy of the church’s message.

We empower Fathers

As leaders prepared to run with the vision of bringing heaven home in their city, we provide them with training; support; resources; mentorship; and a global, like-minded community.

For workshops, speaking engagement and Family enrichment, Fatherhood and more, contact:

Or call Pamela at 076 090 1444.


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