A plea from the Holy land

Dear brothers and sisters,
Greetings from the Holy Land!
We are addressing you from Bethlehem Bible College to update you with our situation in Bethlehem:
Since last Thursday, the city of Bethlehem has been placed in lockdown in the aftermath of the first Palestinian cases of the Coronavirus that were regrettably discovered in Bethlehem.
Consequently, the Palestinian government announced a state of emergency for 30 days and imposed a number of measurements to contain the disease.
Since then, all educational institutions (including our College) have been closed. All conferences, workshops, major gatherings where many people come together have been canceled. The Church of the Nativity has been sterilized, cleaned and then closed. The streets are almost empty and all tourist buses to and from Bethlehem were banned.
While Bethlehem Bible College is closed until further notice, nothing regarding the future activities and conferences – including Christ at the Checkpoint (CATC) conference- is obvious. Hopefully, by the end of the coming April, we will have a decision in this respect.
In the midst of these dramatic circumstances, please pray with us that Jesus Christ- the great healer who traveled through towns and villages curing every disease and illness- may lend His healing hand and heal every sick person. May He heal us not only from disease, but also from fear, from pride, from sorrow, and from uncertainty, and may He fill our hearts with faith that all we need is His peace.
In His Grace, Rev. Dr. Jack SaraPresident of Bethlehem Bible College


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