Palestine Commission Report

The Palestine Commission has had a fruitful 2023, thus far, with several events that have facilitated opportunities for TEASA members to learn about the plight of the Palestinian people, and to formulate expressions of solidarity with them, as they struggle for freedom, justice and self-determination.


A Wound Unhealed

Reverend Nick Kerr, former Christian Zionist, following his extensive scholarly research and experience of the ways Christian Zionism harms the cause of Christ, authored his timely and ground breaking book “A Wound Unhealed: Does Christian Zionism Contribute to Palestinian Suffering?”

TEASA worked with him to launch his book in Durban and Pretoria.  We arranged another launch with the Tembisa Transformation Forum, a ministers fraternal in Tembisa on 29th September 2023.


The Nakba.

On 24 May, TEASA hosted a webinar to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the Nakba. “Nakba” is an Arabic term meaning “catastrophe”, and refers to the time and events associated with Israel’s establishment as a state on 15 May 1948. This marked the end of Palestinian self-determination in their native land, marked by widespread dispossession of Palestinian land and property, as well as their dispersion as refugees throughout the Arab world and the wider world as well.

While TEASA acknowledges the need for the Jewish people to live free from antisemitic abuse and harassment that led to the horrors of the Holocaust, the righting of the wrongs of history cannot take place at the expense of the Palestinian people.

The webinar consisted of presentations by H.E. Madam Hanan Jarrar, Ambassador of the State of Palestine to South Africa; Ms Pamela Ngubane, a former Christian Zionist; and Dr Marthie Momberg, award winning communications consult to the South African parliament, as well as global and local church bodies.


Learn more about Palestine,

Want to learn more about the actual situation on the ground in Holy land, and how to pray for the peace of Jerusalem? Click here and here for in-depth audio-visual resources.

Contact TEASA’s Palestine Commission to arrange webinars, seminars, here.

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