A Wound unhealed.

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Do Christian Zionists Contribute to Palestinian Suffering?
By Nicholas Brabazon Kerr
(An ordained minister of the Anglican Church of Southern Africa for 36 years, Nick holds a
B.A. Honours in Biblical Studies and an M.Phil in Linguistics)
• In 1982 Nick and Barbara Kerr visited Israel where evangelical Palestinian Christians
told them they could not support Christian Zionism as it contributed to their
• Nick began an in-depth search for the ‘true story’ and found many Christian scholars
who questioned Christian Zionists’ interpretations.
• Zionism was adopted by many Jews and Christians in the U.K. and America as a
solution to antisemitism.
• Secret and subversive activities by Zionists affected America’s involvement in WW1
and the subsequent Zionist program favouring the Jews which led to the
dispossession of Palestinians in 1947/8 and many human rights abuses since.
• Undue pressure was placed on many countries by the USA to vote at the UN for the
partition of Israel and Palestine. Palestinians have never agreed to the partition of
their land. Many think it was stolen from them.
• The Holocaust was a big factor in creating support for the state of Israel. Nick looks
at the dispossession and suffering of Palestinians at the hands of Israelis over
decades. Illegal settlements continue on land designated by the UN as Palestinian.
• Since 1967 many conservative Christians – especially in the USA – believe Israeli
victory was prophesied in Scripture. This is based on the little supported doctrine of
• Christianity and Zionism are mutually exclusive. Zionist theology is a regression from
the compassionate and inclusive teachings of Jesus as it condones and supports
oppression and violence in his name.
Come and hear Nick speak on this challenging and controversial subject and purchase
a signed copy of his book. Normal price R350. LAUNCH PRICE R300.G
‘This is a timely book. I hope it will be widely read and provoke those who read it to action and
engagement with the question of Palestine which, festering and still tragically unresolved, has all
but disappeared from the world’s view’. (Rev Peter Crooks, MBE, former Dean of St George Cathedral, Jerusalem

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