“The Occupation of Palestine by Israel is like Apartheid”

Meeting with the Prime minister of the Palestinian Authority in Ramalla, Palestine.

Teasa was blessed, at the last BGM in 2019, to host 4 Palestinian Christian leaders from Bethlehem Bible College. After sharing the heart rending plight of Palestinian people in general, and the Christian community in particular, they made a plea to Christians in South Africa to support their quest for freedom in their motherland. if for some reason we were not able, they asked that we at least not harm them.

They invited TEASA leaders to visit the Holy land, and see for themselves the suffering of people on the ground in Palestine as a result of the unjust Occupation by Israel.

TEASA General Secretary, Rev Moss Ntlha, along with Rev Frank Chikane of the Apostolic Fiath Mission, were invited to address their biennial conference called “Christ at the Checkpoint” at the Brthlehem Bible College on the 24th-29th of May. Rev Ntlha and Rev Frank Chikane, along with Rev Mzwandile Molo of the Methodist church of South Africa took the opportunity to do pastoral visits to Church, Civic and Political and Civil society leaders from both Israel and Palestine. This was to discover from them what their hope for a just peace was for the Israel/Palestine conflict. Sadly Israeli leaders, except two former ambassadors to South Africa , did not wish to meet. (See the former ambassadors in the picture, with Revs Frank Chikane and Moss Ntlha).

Said the two Jewish leaders to the South African delegation: “The Occupation of Palestine by Israel is like Apartheid, and is detrimental to the future of Israel. We need the international community to wake up to this reality.

It is another way of saying “For God so loved the whole whole world..”

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