Raising Boys in Today’s Society

The raising boys webinar was held in order to address issues around raising male children in today’s society. This webinar highlighted the contributing factors that cause male children to become despondent and nonchalant when growing up in today’s society. Some of these contributing factors stem from the broken family structure and peer pressure. This webinar sought to give response to issues that parents face when raising boy children.
What was also discussed in the webinar was the importance of having male children exposed to other male figures in order to help them develop emotionally, spiritually and  other forms of growth that will impact the male child positively. Male children need to know that emptions are healthy, was another point that was highlighted in the discussion. Gender roles are important in that they celebrate the strengths and weaknesses of the two genders. The need to treat both males and females equally was elaborated in the discussion and how this help the male child know that they aren’t any better nor superior as compared to the girl child.

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