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The Evangelical Alliance of South Africa is deeply disturbed by the list of nominees of the ruling party, among whom are names fingered in the State Capture inquiry as having a case to answer in court. The 2019 national elections come at a time when the different government-appointed commissions investigating various aspects of state capture presented the nation with appalling levels of graft allegedly perpetrated by ruling party politicians and their deployees in State-owned enterprises. It is therefore deeply disturbing that the ruling party, in finalizing their party lists, have proceeded as though nothing has happened in the last several months. The argument that all are innocent until proven guilty by a court of law is a clear indicator that the African National Congress wishes to continue along the same route as it did during the presidency of Jacob Zuma, namely that the guilty are only those that are stupid enough to be caught.

The cry of all South Africans for ethical leadership appears once again to fall on deaf party ears. The promise of recovery from the economic, social and moral decline of the past few years appear to be squashed by continued factional battles of a party that no longer accepts responsibility for being a leader of society.  It contends itself with leading the party, or worse, a faction of the party.
Of course that in and of itself is no concern to TEASA. In a democracy, the voters will know what to do with the data before them, unless, as has happened before, if graft extends to the point of buying votes. 

The problem arises when corruption by politicians takes the poor into deeper levels of poverty.

TEASA calls on voters to carefully consider whether political party lists represent a break with corruption and the hallowing out of our public institutions, or whether the interest of the people  of South Africa will come first.


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