October -November 2018 High lights

 SAAWE mission consultation – 18 October 2018.

The matter of how well the whole Church in South Africa, takes the whole gospel to the whole world is an ongoing agenda of  mission leaders. South African Action for World Evangelisation  (SAAWE)  convened a Missions Consultation of  key Missions organisations on the  18th October to explore how to collaborate in missions for greater impact. TEASA general secretary Rev Moss Ntlha addressed the consultation on the theme of  “Trends in the South African Church”, while Ds Richard Verynne spoke on Global trends.

Angus Buchan – Prayer event in Pretoria. 27th October 2018

The need to call the nation to prayer and repentance, in the light of the spiritual condition of our country, cannot be overemphasized.  South Africa struggles with rampant corruption,  deep inequality, high enemployment,  a stagnant economy, high levels of  crime, especially against women and children. It falls to Angus Buchan to call South Africans to prayer, and to call them often. They respond their multiplied thousands! The 27th October was not different from previous gatherings!

 SACLI Conference  31 Oct 2018.

The South African Christian Leadership Initiative, birthed by TEASA, SACC , African Enterprise and Kairos South Africa in 2013 to find innovative ways to engage with the changing challenges facing the church. The conference announced four critical offerings to serve Church and Market place leaders:

  • A SACLI – Heartlines partnership for transforming the racial polarities in South Africa through the Whats your Story process and the Beyond the River movie. This roll out of the next three years. For further details: call  Olefile at Heartlines. 0011 7712540)
  • A two day Study programme offered by the Gordon Institute for Business Studies (GIBS)  on the Political economy of South Africa.. This will start in the first quarter of 2019. ( Enquiries: email moss @teasa.org.za)
  •  Offering Start up training for enterprise development  as a viable means to combat unemployment and poverty in the country. Partnerships and mentoring to drive training will be offered.
  • Promoting good governance in local government.

National Prayer for South Africa 25 November 2018

The Motsepe Foundation will convene an Interfaith National Day of Prayer for all South Africans on the 25th November 2018. The purpose is to enlist the contributions of all faith communities in addressing the many spiritual, economic,political and social challenges facing the country.Venue: FNB Stadium. Time: 8am. For enquiries call: Nebo Legoabe 0763065625.

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