Marriage Week 1- 7 September.

The first week of September is dedicated to the celebration of one of the oldest institutions in human history – marriage. It is a building block of society and it’s health is a predictor of social stability. For the Christian church, it is an indicator of its effectiveness in discipling a nation and, in the end, educate the culture on what love really is. This most basic of human practices – love – has become a complicated matter for a society that  is obsessed with individualism  and the idolatry of the self.

It is not surprising that marriage is under pressure. In the minds of many, it is an institution that must either be redefined or allowed to die a natural death. Policy makers and social  commentators regularly add to the confusion around how best to save the institution, considering the undeniable evidence that where it works well, people flourish. Beyond the staggering rates of divorce,  recent weeks also saw a major assault on traditional marriage by a LGBT lobby group.

How is your local church doing in introducing people to love and marriage? Write us and let us know.


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