September 2018 Headlines

Evangelical solidarity.

From 1-7 September,TEASA general secretary, Rev Moss Ntlha, visited the Evangelical Church of Indonesia – rendered Gereja Injili Di Indonesia  (GIDI ) in the local Indonesian language.  GIDI is a 1 million strong indegenous evangelical denomination in West Papua that was founded in 1855 and is vibrant in reaching the lost, discipleship and mission sending. Pastor Dorman Wandikbo, President of the Church is passionate about the witness of the Christian community in West Papua, and is concerned about the dispossession and oppression of West Papuans by Islamic Indonesia. Gross human rights violations and the gradual genocide of West Papuans have continued for decades at the hands of Indonesian government, and remain largely unreported in western media. He appeals to Christian’s in South Africa and elsewhere to pray for the people of West Papua and stand in solidarity with. For more information on West Papwa .

 Reconciliation Retreat 10-11 September 2018.

As part of its work to foster Reconciliation, TEASA partners with the South African Christian Leadership Initiative and Heartlines in a Decade of Reconciliation. To this end, a two day retreat by Christian leaders from stakeholder partners will gather at the In Harmonie retreat centre, Franschoek.

Conversations on Revival. 29 Sept. Soweto 

It is very likely that in the heart of most pastors is a prayer that God would rend the heavens, and by the power of His Spirit, change the game forever in the way the Church impacts the world. This is because, truth be told, Christian influence in our communities is not what it could be. Way too many are still bound in the unforgiving grip of poverty and unemployment.Sickness and disease is the lot of far too many. The character of our towns, townships and cities still reflects the ugly face of satan. Racism, xenophobia, the abuse of women and children are among the moral markers of our society. The litany is long, and it is clear that our strength is woefully inadequate.

Rev Che Ahn, a Korean American  revivalist with an apostolic ministry, encourages many around the world to press in for more of God. Hosted by Soweto Ministers Fraternal and the Evangelical Allliance of South Africa, he will visit Soweto for the first time to meet and share with pastors and Christian leaders from different spheres of influence. Be sure to book your space. Its free. Click here





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